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COVID Operations

COVID Operations for Video Production

As we navigate this unusual time, health safety of our teammates and yours is top priority. The COVID video production process is a bit different, but works smoothly and safely by following and understanding all of these these important facts:

  • We are offering no date/deadline guarantees from April 2020 until further advice. This notice supersedes any contract agreement terms. Moving forward with a project is your understanding of this notice.
  • We’re following CDC and Film Industry health safety guidance — and we’ll also follow your workplace protocols.
  • We’re using minimal crew members on location, to enable distancing and lower room occupancy.
  • In many cases, we’re sending solo videographers who are trained as project producers.
  • Producers/Directors (those who conduct key interviews and manage overall concepts) may participate remotely via Facetime or speaker phone — we have procedures in place and this has worked well since mid-2020.
  • Where possible, we’re using touchless equipment, including overhead microphones.
  • We’ll designate spaces, based on scene design, for all participants to remain during the recording process.
  • Please keep in mind, a solo videographer will need a few extra minutes to set up equipment without support crew.

Your Planning for Video During COVID

Consider distancing and ventilation during your video shoot — and remember, some on-camera participants may not be wearing masks!

  • For on-camera participants who are not comfortable in the production/office setting due to health safety, we can offer helpful advice on how they can record themselves for inclusion.
  • We encourage outdoor interview locations, where relevant.
  • For indoor interviews, we require a large conference room-size space (unlike traditional times, we can not move interview set-up locations as frequently with certain distance-enabled equipment in use).
  • Large size room capacity should not exceed five people, including our crew members. Again, some on-camera participants may not be wearing masks.
  • Smaller offices or residential-size settings should not exceed three people in an area, including our crew members.
  • Only one person can appear on-camera at a time, during interviews.
  • Consider whether you want participants who appear on camera to wear face coverings while being recorded. This includes anyone who may be seen in the background or in a large work space. Let them know by giving them the choice in advance on whether to participate without a mask.
  • Empty factories, offices and worksites look boring on camera — if your video calls for images of employees working collectively (but they’re currently working remotely), consider alternative visuals. We have some suggestions if needed.

COVID Scheduling

We understand re-schedules are common during this time. You should understand that our team may need to reschedule as well, if health issues prevail.

  • As stated above, we are offering no date/deadline guarantees currently and this notice supersedes any contract agreement terms.
  • We’ll mutually confirm health conditions with you within 48-hours ahead of your scheduled production date(s).
  • Anyone with any kind of illness symptom (COVID or not), as well as anyone who believes they have been exposed to COVID should not participate — from your team or ours.
  • We will not participate with people who have traveled by air in the past 10-days.
  • Re-schedules due to health reasons will not penalize deposit payments.

Working together and communicating clearly,  we can help you achieve world-class video results while mutually protecting health.




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