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We make the video production process efficient with customizable options and affordable rates for projects and budgets of any size.

Step 1. Initial Consultation

The video production process starts with a conversation by phone, or email. We’ll discuss your overall goals and ask several questions: What do you want to communicate? Who is your audience? Where will your video be used? What’s your deadline?

Step 2. Pre-Production

Once we’ve agreed on the overall approach and budget for your video project, we’ll assign a designated Producer and video crew members. The Producer will work with you to shape the concept, develop a schedule and plan your project efficiently.

These Video Planning Tips can help you decide some of the content for your project.

Step 3. Production

Video crews will film your project and gather the core visual elements. Our crews vary in size depending on your project, budget and unique technical requirements. Different size crews may work on different parts of your project, for example:

Solo-Shooter or Drone Pilot

(1 Person)

Corporate Video Crew

(2-3 People)

Video Production Crew

(4+ People)

Step 4. Post-Production

_POST Production Content section

A video editor will work with the Producer to assemble the video, add music, enhance color and add graphics. Designers will work on projects requiring motion graphics or animation.


During Post-Production, you’ll see the first draft of your project! You’ll be able to suggest revisions and we’ll make changes based on your requirements — plus, your project Producer will be available to guide you through changes.

Please read our Video Revision Tips to fully understand our process.

_POST Production Content section
_POST Production Content section

Step 5. Displaying Your Video

We’ll provide your final video content in formats suitable for your unique needs. This will include a range of downloadable video files.

Be sure to tell us how and where your video will be shown, so we can send you the proper video files.

  • Online. If so, where?
  • In a presentation. If so, what kind?
  • On a projector screen.
  • On a TV monitor for a group.
  • On TV as a commercial.
  • On a trade show video display.
  • Other displays.

Based on how and where you plan to use your video, we’ll send you the proper file sizes and we’ll clearly label each one. You’ll receive them as downloadable files, so you will have the best digital version of your content.

Read our Video Display Tips for technical advice on using your new video material.