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Video Display Tips

Video Display Tips

Showing your video content to an audience requires some simple but very important technical tips. The good news is — we provide exactly what you need, right down to best practices and solutions.

Be sure to tell us how and where your video will be shown, so we can send you the proper video files.

  • Online. If so, where?
  • In a presentation. If so, what kind?
  • On a projector screen.
  • On a TV monitor for a group.
  • On TV as a commercial.
  • On a trade show video display.
  • Other displays.

Based on how and where you plan to use your video, we’ll send you the proper file sizes and we’ll clearly label each one. You’ll receive them as downloadable files, so you will have the best digital version of your content.

Showing video to a live audience works best with these simple steps:

  • Always place the video file on a computer (or an external hard drive with a fast connection to the computer) — and connect the computer to the projector or TV using an HDMI or better cable.
  • Never play video from a thumb/jump drive (they can be slow and cause the video to stop or skip).
  • Only play video from the Internet when you understand that Internet speed may cause the video to stall or buffer. Use the Internet as a last resort when showing video to a live audience.
  • TEST IN ADVANCE. Play your video before your audience arrives, to ensure your computer connections are working.
  • Set the sound level higher than you expect. Audio may sound loud when you test it in an empty room, but one filled with people, the audience literally soaks up sound (plus people make noise).
  • For projector screens, check in advance to make sure the video fits on the screen and does not fall off the edges. Also adjust the projector focus if needed.

For Internet sharing and website embeds, use the web/social size files we provide — and use some advice we’ve learned from years in the video business.

  • Follow your site’s instructions for uploading, naming and tagging videos as you prefer.
  • The site/social platform will adjust the size and resolution to meet its own format.
  • Preferred video platform for business: We suggest for high quality display, nice options for video integration with your existing web platform and measurable performance solutions.
  • Upload or file error messages may appear on some sites. In most cases, pay no attention, as the videos will be automatically converted.
  • FaceBook music violations/notices: FaceBook is our least preferred social platform for its flaws in flagging production music. Music WE provide is fully cleared for Internet use. Should you receive a notice from FaceBook, follow their procedures in explaining that you own the content.
  • YouTube music violations/mute notices. While rare, production music is sometimes flagged on YouTube. Music WE provide is fully cleared for Internet use. Should you receive a notice from YouTube, follow their procedures in explaining that you own the content, and consider their flexible options for music allowances.
  • Mobile app display size: Video we produce is HD broadcast quality size (the same as a TV show), therefore hold your device ‘sideways,’ to see video content in its largest, best looking mobile format.