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Recording Your Own Video: Tips to Make it Look Pro!

While an on-site video team provides broadcast-quality video and audio results, there are circumstances when recording your own video content is a great solution. We can edit self-recorded video, and give it a pro-finish using graphics and supporting visuals to help deliver a strong message.

We have some overall tips plus advice for recording video using specific devices, below. And click here for a great video tutorial, by Special Projects Producer, Catenya McHenry.

Overall Tips:

  • Light helps. Make sure there is plenty of light on the face of the person being recorded. Facing a window, or using a bright room helps. Do not have any bright light behind the person being recorded (that would make their face seem dark).
  • Distance matters. The camera should only be a few feet in front of the person speaking.
  • It’s like a photo. Just like with a head-shot photo, aim to record from the mid-chest area to slightly above the person’s head.
  • Speak up. Without a professional microphone, be sure the person speaking projects slightly louder than normal and speaks clearly.
  • Memorize or read. The person make wish to memorize their first sentence, or any sentences where they will appear on camera. But remember, we can place graphics or supporting video over the rest (so that only their voice is heard)…so it’s OK to read parts of the message from a screen or paper.
  • Consider segments. It may be easiest to record in segments, rather than trying to say everything in one attempt. We’ll be able to edit segments together.

Recording on Phones or Tablets:

  • Use the Overall Tips above plus these…
  • Hold the phone or tablet “sideways,” so that the image is the shape of a TV screen or computer screen.
  • It’ looks best to have someone else hold the phone or tablet for you.
  • Keep it steady! You can use a table surface or the back of a chair to hold the phone or camera steady.
  • On mobile devices, recording in segments may be easiest to email or upload. We’ll be able to edit them together.

Recording on a Laptop or Desktop:

  • Use the Overall Tips above plus these…
  • Look directly at the camera on your computer for the segments where you’ll be seen on screen.
  • If your computer is on a desk, make sure there is no bright window or light behind you.
  • If you’re recording yourself at home, consider what might be seen in the background (you may wish to remove family photos or certain property so they can’t be seen).

Sending us the video:

  • Self-recorded video can be emailed to your Vulcan Media project manager or we can share a Dropbox folder for upload.
  • Be sure to send us a transcript and/or any instructions about how you’d like it edited.