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Online Video: Why you need it on your website

No matter what kind of business you’re in, chances are if you’ve invested in a website, you have hopes it’ll help make you money. In fact most business owners have only recently uncovered a few secrets to leveraging websites as real marketing tools. So what’s this talk of website video, and why do you need it on your site? It’s a question best answered by a few statistics.

Nearly 90% of web users click on websites then leave immediately. That’s 9 out of 10 customers opening the door to your online storefront, then walking away without even saying hello. Why? They don’t immediately see what they were searching for — and if you had it, they didn’t easily see it.

According to Google, that 90% departure rate drops to 60% when there is a video on your home page (keep reading to find out what kind of video). Four times the number of web visitors stay, at least to explore a bit when they see video content. And that’s step number one at earning a new client.

Face it — we live in a YouTube, Tivo, Twitter-ing multimedia world. Website video provides a golden combination of entertainment and information…a combination proven to work, as a few more stats show.

Internet users average 42 seconds on a text site versus 5 to 6 minutes on a video site. Video increases time spent at your site by more than 830%
Products with video outsell products marketed by text and photos only, according to online retailers including, and others.
A study by E-marketer shows a 35% increase in sales conversions of products and services that had video demos, video tours or video instructions.
The video site YouTube is now the second-ranked search engine behind Google, including business, professional and product information searches.
A few more numbers are hard evidence about the power of website video. A Google poll of random surfers, ages 18-40, shows:

According to Google, a web surfer is 300% more likely to press a video PLAY button and watch a product video than to click a “Learn More” button.
78% said video was more influential to their buying decision than static pages.
64% said they took some kind of action as a result of the video
There’s a trick to making this work. Today’s web audience has high standards and quickly clicks out of web content which lacks credibility. 62% prefer professional video content. If your website video looks or sounds like you borrowed the family camcorder, you’ll actually push potential clients away.

Professional website video production and business video production here in Alabama is affordable. It often costs less than buying your own camera and editing software. Technology has lowered the costs of cameras and equipment for video professionals and that is reflected in the affordable price of production.

The first step to staying competitive online is to have an engaging video about what you do. A professional video production company like Vulcan Media in Birmingham, Alabama will help you develop a message and strategy. It will most likely increase your sales and boost your overall online presence. Every single Vulcan Media video production client says their video paid for itself time and again.

Put the statistics to work for you. Learn more about professional video production and compete locally to globally through your website.