How much will video production cost?

Video production prices are based on several factors, much like any other service. At the Birmingham, Alabama video production company Vulcan Media, we offer affordable, flat-rate prices for services such as TV commercial production, website enhancement videos and video of special events. Many video production companies, including ours, will also price certain services based on day or half-day rates.

When you’re planning a budget for professional video production work, here are some topics and questions to help you prepare:

What kind of video do you need? A web video, TV commercial, etc.
How long will each of your finished videos be?
What do you want to show in your video? For example, people speaking on camera, your products or facility, actors or graphical examples like Power Point slides.
Where will you use your video? Online, on DVD, on TV or someplace else?
Do you need help with shaping the idea or writing a script?
How much time will you need with the camera crew and where will the shoot take place? Your production company will guide you on this based on the elements you want shown in your video.
Do you need actors, props or special locations provided by the video company?
Will you need a professional narrator?
Do you want music in your video?
How about graphics? Do you need simple names on the screen, much like you see in TV news…or something more complex like animation?
What formats will you need it in? Files to put on YouTube, DVDs with labels or the video sent to TV stations…again, the video production company can guide you.
What is your deadline?
Answer to these questions will affect the production budget. They help us decide how many staff members we’ll assign to work with you, the type of equipment we’ll need to use and the technical skill required to complete your project.

It’s important to remember, the actual video shooting done by the camera crew is only PART of what you’ll pay for in a video production project. Other costs are associated with script-writing, editing, voice-over talent, music license fees and other factors.