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Planning to Finished: Guide to the Video Production Process at Vulcan Media

Video Planning Tips

These tips can help you plan your video content, plan your schedule for recording video and plan for working with the video crew, including proper site safety.

Make a simple outline or list of your video content and send it to us.  

  • List important topics to be included.
  • Make notes about the key points you want to make.
  • List people who will speak on camera, if any.
  • Note visual elements to be included, such as locations, products or processes.
  • Write general interview questions we can use for people appearing on camera (we’ll shape your questions into the format we need).

Consider these ideas for visuals, add them to your list if relevant.

  • Awards that your organization has received.
  • Signs, banners or posted information relevant to your video messages.
  • Any company logos at the building, on vehicles, on clothing or on equipment.
  • Consider any photos, PowerPoint material or graphical material to be included, if any.
  • Think about places at your business that visually represent your company culture, such as unique architectural spots, communal areas, training facilities, use of technology, etc.

Send us items we’ll need for editing your video.
• Your logo. We’ll need the largest, highest resolution logo you have. We prefer files like .eps, .ai, or .png. But a large .jpg is fine.

  • Send us any disclaimers or other printed statements which need to be included.

Schedule planning is important to stay on time and on budget.

  • In most videos, we suggest recording people to speak on camera first, before we gather other video. This helps our technical and story-telling workflow run efficiently.
  • For people speaking on camera, plan about one hour for each high-level executive and about 30-minutes for each traditional employee or client (the actual interviews will not take this long, but we’ll need time to set up cameras, lights and microphones for each interview).
  • For recording visuals, plan about one hour per minute of video (for example if you plan a 2-minute long video, plan about two hours to record the material).
  • Remember to plan for equipment set-up time. Our work tasks include the set-up and handling of our equipment through your space. Allow about 10-minutes between major area changes, and more time for floor changes or building changes.

Plan for safety, parking and video equipment with an email or phone call.

  • Advise us IN ADVANCE of any PPE or dress codes. With advance notice, we provide our own basic PPE including steel toes, safety vests, safety glasses, hard hats — You must provide PPE beyond those items.
  • Reserve or explain proper parking locations.
  • Tell us what ground-level door, loading dock or entry to use.
  • We’d like a designated equipment storage area, such as an empty conference room, office or supply room — we’ll stage equipment there and we’ll need to plug in chargers.