Disclaimer Statement Regarding Facebook

We respect the power social media video can deliver to business organizations and we understand your use of social media is designed to meet your business goals. Websites including LinkedIn, Google Business Listings, YouTube, Vimeo and many industry-specific professional networking sites deliver strong results for public presence.

Our video production services are aimed at helping deliver your message across the social media platforms of your choice.

Statement & Disclaimer About Facebook

Our organization does not advocate nor do we provide support for use of video on Facebook. We do not offer technical advice or support for your use of video on Facebook, nor do we make any guarantee for your ability to use content we produce on Facebook or any of its related platforms, including but not limited to Instagram and IGTV.

  • Facebook’s editorial limitations to video and audio content seem to evolve irregularly — and in our view, seem to be inconsistent with the spirit of content sharing across the Internet.
  • Facebook may block or mute video content shared across/from web platforms they do not own. We have seen this first-hand.
  • We have had clients experience inaccurate, incorrect music and visual copyright claims and terms of use violations issued by Facebook regarding video content posted on their site, despite having full, licensed clearance for such content.
  • Facebook’s appeal process for their inaccurate, inconsistent blocking of audiovisual content is not user friendly, or easy, or timely, in our view.

Vulcan Media’s Policy View on Facebook and its Related Platforms

Facebook’s proven public record of user information misuse, their self-reported, evolving privacy regulations, their widely documented business associations and many of their legally questioned business practices — as well as similar serious matters with Facebook for our UK and EU clients —  do not meet our professional best practices standards.

Moreover, the shift away from Facebook by many respected professional organizations, makes the platform irrelevant to our use of time and resources.

We recognize Facebook can be an entertaining and meaningful website for many of its users.

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