20 Ways to use Marketing Video Content

In today’s competitive environment, versatile, cost-effective marketing tools need to be leveraged over and again to achieve a meaningful public impact and to deliver a solid return on investment. As a Birmingham video production company, some of our video marketing suggestions might surprise you – at the very least, we hope these 20 marketing uses for professional video content will spark a few helpful ideas.
1. Television Commercial Advertising
2. Website Video
3. Social Media Video
4. Email: include links to your online video content in e-newsletters
5. Telemarketing: voice messages that share links to your online video content
6. Direct Mail: on mail pieces, be sure to include the web address where customers can see more info.
7. Prior to Sales Calls: send your client links to your video content before your meeting
8. During Sales Visits: use your video content as an opener, closer or supporting element of sales visits
9. In Presentations
10. Signature lines in e-mail: share your latest video message or brand film
11. Partnerships: share video on other websites you’re connected with…like Chambers of Commerce
12. Online services like YouTube: video can help boost your company’s web search results
13. Social Networking: share videos on your pages and encourage employees to do the same
14. Podcasts: consider downloadable news and information video as a service to customers
15. Blogs: a great place to share news about your video and post the link
16. USB Drives: many of our corporate video production customers share their video with sales reps or clients by handing out affordable USB drives with video content pre-loaded
17. DVD: cheaper than ever before … look for a company that burns their own DVDs in-house
18. News Release: any new video message is worth an announcement and earned media coverage is valuable
19. Trade Shows: enhance your presence by using your video content as a marketing tool
20. Lobby/In-Store: keep the video playing on a TV in your business so customers can see it

There are probably 20 more uses for video we could add to this list! Added value of professional video content can cross apply to nearly every aspect of business marketing communication. Be creative and work with your video production company to generate solutions that earn results.